• Course Overview

    This course is the second in a 09-12 sequence of English courses designed for students of advanced language arts abilities. The emphasis in this course is on developing critical thinking skills through the analysis of a variety of literary genres.  Through practice in producing a variety of forms of writing for different audiences and purposes, students work to develop a personal style while improving research, argumentative, and creative writing skills.  Grammar, usage, and vocabulary instruction are integrated into the study of literature and writing.   Expectations include a willingness to take risks, contribute, and work creatively.  Assessment is based on the quality of written assignments and tests, engagement in class activities, oral presentations, participation in group work, and the consistent practice of reading for pleasure.  Please see the English dept website for a comprehensive list of possible texts.  Students will select and read their own choice books as a yearlong part of the course.



Last Modified on August 23, 2023