• School District Social Worker Service

    The District Social Worker is a versatile and important addition to the SCASD Student Services Department. This position is involved with a variety of activities, involving all grade levels throughout the district. The District Social Worker assists with meeting basic needs, mental health concerns, behavioral concerns, positive behavioral support, academic and classroom support, consultation with teachers, parents, and administrators, as well as providing individual and group counseling/therapy. Additionally, the District Social Worker may provide information about outside support services or agencies and resources to help students, families and faculty/staff.


    In-Home Services: Home visits may occur to discuss concerns and solutions regarding child, family, school or parenting concerns.  Discussion and information about parenting, school concerns, stress management, and much more may be offered. 

    In-School Services: Services may include collaboration with the Home & School Visitor when facilitating positive communication between home and school or serving as a member of a school team as needed. Connecting families to other in-school services may also be utilized. The Social Worker also meets with students for therapeutic services to address mental health and behavioral concerns. 

    Community Services: The Social Worker can help connect families with many community human service agencies.  

    Parenting Programs: Possible services are outlined below.  

    • Straight Talk Monthly Sessions:  A presentation is offered one evening each month for parents/guardians to attend.
    • Teen Parent Assistance: Services for high school students who are pregnant or parenting.
    • Referrals/Connections: Referrals to appropriate school and community resources as needed.
Last Modified on April 8, 2022