• Student Mental Health Resources: 

    SCASD is committed to advancing the mental health and wellbeing of its students. If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and/or in need of support, services are available.

    Our inhouse resources include: 

    • Safe2Say: threats, behaviors, actions and harassment. Examples include bullying or intimidation, threats of self-harm or bragging about planning an attack, violence, depression and social isolation, reckless behavior and substance abuse.
    • SAP: any non-urgent concern related to something that is a barrier to learning, or is preventing a student from being successful in school (substance use, mental health, or other).
    • REACT: to help any State high community member who feels that she or he is a victim of an act of bias or discriminatory behavior. REACT is not a punitive entity. The mission of this initiative is to promote education and dialogue around issues of diversity and inclusion.


    Immediate Need - Open 24/7:

    If you have concerns that you/ a peer, or someone else is experiencing an urgent mental health crisis, please call out local Center for Community Resources Center:

Last Modified on August 18, 2020