• Announcements for the Week of May 22, 2023

    Important Dates:

    Field Day and Picnic--Friday, May 26

    Picnic Lunch- 11:03-11:33

    Field Day- 11:30-1:30


    Monday will be Day 3

    • Day 1 - Music
    • Day 2 - STEM
    • Day 3 - Art
    • Day 4 - Library
    • Day 5 - PE 

    Curriculum Update:

    Math-- We are finishing up the 4th grade fraction and decimals instruction by compacting our lessons for unit 7.

    Writing-   Students are finishing their informational paragraphs this week and adding text features to their informational essays.

    Reading--During our social issue book clubs, we have focused on identifying social issues and what we can learn from them, and identifying scenes that evoke emotion and how these events impact all of the characters. We as readers can connect to the characters' feelings, which allows us to dive deeper into the story.  This week students will read critically and identify how important it is to study when and how a character struggles and to ask, “How are they reacting to the struggles?”  We are always thinking, "What can we learn from what our characters are dealing with?"

    Science-- We have been exploring the following questions:

    How do the Sun and Earth compare in size, and what is the distance between them?

     How does distance affect the way we see the Sun and the other stars from Earth? 

    How can we make a scale model of the Earth/Moon system? 

    How does the Sun-Earth-Moon system interact each month? 



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