• Announcements for the Week of December 5, 2022

    Important Dates:

    •  December 23- January 2, 2023--Winter Break

     Specials Schedule     

    Monday will be Day 2

    • Day 1 - Music
    • Day 2 - STEM
    • Day 3 - Art
    • Day 4 - Library
    • Day 5 - PE 

    Curriculum Update:

    Math--  See the orange family unit letter for Unit 3--Fractions and Decimals

    Writing--This week we will complete the resolution to our realistic fiction stories.  We will have a sharing celebration at the end of the week.  What great progress our students have made during our narrative writing unit!  

    Reading-- This week students will finish the guided practice of finding the main idea and key details in informational text.  We will continue working in small skill groups.  

    Social Studies--Our class has been learning about the Northeast Region of the United States with Ms. McAleer.  Ask your child what they have learned about the Indigenous people, homes, foods and other interesting information about this region.  

    We were so excited to have Dr. Hollie Kulago from PSU with us last Friday to share her life growing up as a part of the Navajo Nation in Arizona.  She connected her experiences to our overarching question, How Does Where We Live Affect How We Live?

    This is Miss K's last week with us.  She has been such an important part of our classroom learning community.  We will miss her so much!


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