•                          Ms. Helton

    About Me                                        Favorite Things:
    Hi Friends!                                                Elephants
    I’m Ms. H. This will be                                Coffee
    my second year at SCE                               Target
    as a Paraprofessional. I                              The Steelers and Lakers
    had been a substitute with                          Purple                              

    the district for 9 years prior.               
    I have two boys and a loving
    fiance’ Anthony. My oldest
    son is Nathaniel, he is a                         Contact Information:
    freshman at Penn State                               nmh20@scasd.org
    University. Karter, is a 3rd                              
    grader that will be attending
    SCE this year. We have two
    Oscar fish, Beast and Orangesickle.
    The boys and I enjoy hanging out 
    and traveling. I look forward to 
    learning lots about our class 
    this year!

     “I became a paraprofessional because your life is worth my time.”

                                 e   p


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