• alt.text.   Dear Cardinal Students and Parents,

    I hope you have enjoyed a lovely summer. I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome students and parents to the Cardinal Team and to my 7th grade Academic Literacy Class.  I know this year is off to an unusual start, but I am so looking forward to our 7th-grade journey. As you may have heard, Academic Literacy is a class in which we will expand our understanding of reading, literacy, and text. Together, we will question what we read, how we read, and why we read. It is a journey in which we come to know and grow together. Academic Literacy is, as one student expressed, not just a class; it's an adventure! Together, we will read the word and the world and venture forth!

    As we begin this journey, I ask for your patience. While our district embraced remote learning in the spring, please be mindful that we teachers are new to this hybrid model.  It is likely that we will encounter some challenges along the way, but I know that by working together, we can and will accomplish great things. (For clarity and in the spirit of our parent-teacher-learner partnership, I have offered some general suggestions below for both in-person and remote learning.)

    I recognize that these past few months have presented families and students with varying challenges.  I am also aware that our children have experienced and processed recent events differently.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me on how I can best help you and your child as we move forward.  You can contact me with any questions or concerns at mem45@scasd.org.  If you experience difficulties with technology, please know that you can contact our IT Services at 231-7743 or by email at  itsupport@scasd.org.

    In closing, I'll share the words of the writer and anthropologist, Mary Catherine Bateson (also the daughter of Margaret Mead).  Bateson wrote, "We are called to join a dance whose steps must be learned along the way, so it is important to attend and respond. Even in uncertainty, we are responsible for our steps ."  And so to my Cardinal students and parents, it is with some measure of uncertainty but with a joyous and warm spirit that I invite you to attend and join the dance.


    Kind Regards,

    Marie Madonna-Kissell

    Remote Learning:

    Please know that it is critical that your child attends class each day unless they are ill or cannot for a legitimate reason.  My plan is for students to complete as much of their work during class time as possible so that I can be present to support them.  If they come to class each day and give their best, students should not have a lot of outside work to complete.  I am mindful that students will be on the computer much of the day and as such, I will make every effort to limit additional computer time or work.  We will be meeting every day for class at their scheduled time.  Students should make every effort to connect from home on time.

    Secondly, when working from home, it will be helpful for you and your child to monitor distractions and maintain a schedule and routine for learning. If possible, a quiet space is incredibly conducive to focus and productivity.  Printing and posting your child’s student schedule somewhere for them to see each day may help them stay organized and on track.  

    In-person Learning

    Please talk to your child about regular hand washing and sanitizing throughout the day.  If they are coming in for instruction, they are required to wear a mask.  I appreciate your support and encouragement with these two items so that we can all stay safe and healthy.

    ZOOM Links for the First Two Days:  (August 26th and 27th)  

    Students will use the following link at their scheduled class time:

    Join Zoom Meeting


    Period 3/ 4:  11:00 – 12:00

    Period 5/ 6:  1:30 – 2:25

    Period 7/ 8:  2:30 – 3:30





Last Modified on August 24, 2020