• Mrs. Dagmar M. Wilson


    English 10

    In-car Driver's Education - Instructor and Examiner

     -SCASD Community Education


    814-231-1011, x4821


    I am thrilled to be teaching Creative Writing and Virtual English this year.  I returned to the classroom ten years ago after an extended hiatus to raise my children and dabble in a plethora of other life experiences. Some of you may know me as the in-car Drivers' Education instructor and examiner. I have taught 9th, 10th and 11th grade English at State High; and English as a Second Language and Academic Literature at Park Forest and Mount Nittany Middle Schools. I previously taught all levels of English (7-12) in other school districts. I am a Master Gardener with Penn State Cooperative Extension and spend my free time encouraging new and sustained life in my backyard gardens. I also enjoy celebrating life with my husband and four adult children, all State High graduates, and a large menagerie of beloved pets. During the winter months I relax by creating culinary delights to share with friends and family.

     I believe that a respect for individuality, diversity, and complexity of individual learners is the primary component that affords students the freedom and safety to challenge preconceived notions and engage in processes that enable transformation, individual discovery and construction of knowledge. It is my goal to facilitate conscientious critical and analytical thinking as well as an appreciation for the humanitarian ethics implicated by the acquisition of knowledge. Students’ realization of relevance occurs through dialogue, experiential learning, and cooperative group activities in an environment of security where risk taking in thought and reflection is celebrated and encouraged. I possess a respect for the culture of childhood, empathy for the nature and circumstances of youth and an intrinsic love for the process of discovery. I encourage students to balance provocation with discernment and take personal responsibility for their learning and place within the community. I prioritize responsive policies to create a collaborative classroom community with democratic norms that meet the needs of the group while practicing care for each individual member. 

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