• CP English 11

    Suggested Grade Level 11 Designed for juniors who plan to pursue a post-secondary education. Students read, analyze and interpret a variety of classic and contemporary American works including novels, short stories, drama, poetry, nonfiction and media. Through close reading, students will develop a sense of authorial intent and purpose to construct a deeper understanding of writer’s craft. Critical thinking is nurtured through the construction of inferences and use of textual evidence to support reader responses. Writing instruction focuses on refining focus, content, and organizational skills and on improving style, while still based in the Toulmin Method of Argumentation. Using electronic and printed sources, students continue to gather, organize and incorporate information from both primary and secondary sources in their writing and presentations and use MLA formatting for documenting sources. Units of study center around the concepts of: rhetoric, social commentary, the American Dream, and storytelling and truth. Students are expected to keep up with assigned reading, complete frequent homework assignments, tests, and quizzes, construct original ideas, write extensively, and participate actively in class as these are keys to college preparedness.

Last Modified on August 31, 2020