• The State College Area School District is tracking two key metrics that keep us informed of the trends of COVID-19 in our community. These, among multiple other factors, provide us with data to make the most informed decisions possible related to our schools. For positive cases, contact tracing has occurred by our nurses in conjunction with the Dept. of Health. 

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    The below parameters are when the district would close buildings and in-school learning, either partially or fully according to our health and safety plan

    • Newly reported confirmed cases, as reported by DOH or local data monitoring by our health and safety team:
      • 80-120 cases in the most recent 7 days within the county (total county population of 160,000)
      • 50-75 cases in the most recent 7 days in the zip codes* within the district (total district population of 100,000)
    • Positive Case Rate (PCR) positivity rate, as reported by DOH or local data monitoring by our health and safety team: 5-7.5% over the last seven days for either county or district zip codes.
    • Mount Nittany Health Center COVID-19 critical care capacity. 

    *The zip codes are 16801, 16802, 16803, 16804, 16805, 16827, 16851, 16865, 16868 and 16870. 

    In addition, the below variables also will be considered when determining when to close schools. 

    • Number of SCASD faculty, staff, and students impacted by quarantine and/or other reasons for absences. This could require SCASD to close individual classrooms, buildings, or the entire district.
    • High increases in positive test results in our county or SCASD community.
    • Flexibility to remain open if geographic or demographic characteristics of the test results (e.g. - correctional facility, nursing home) show the results are not directly related to our SCASD community.
    • PA Department of Health’s closing recommendations of individual schools and classrooms for 1 to 5+ cases present in a school building.
    • Direct advisement from the PA Department of Health.

    Teams consulting with SCASD administration regarding school closure:

    • Health and Safety Planning Team (including pediatricians, epidemiologist, and infectious disease specialist), Integrated Health Planning Group with PSU health and emergency management representatives. 
    • SCASD administration is responsible for this decision.
Last Modified on September 17, 2020