• Course Content and Techniques:

    Whether you love to play ukulele or have never played an instrument in your life, this is the class for you. All you need is a love of music and a desire to learn. We will learn basic chords, sing with others, improvise, and have fun. The classroom repertoire will consist of pop songs, folk songs, and songs from other cultures. Students will also have the opportunity to suggest repertoire for this performing arts ensemble.

    New this year: Ukulele Ensemble will include a type of songwriting called a piggyback. This is where you take an existing song (chord structure, rhythm, melody, etc.) and change the words to be something entirely different. It should be a ton of fun!

    *If you have an ukulele, please bring it to school. If not, we have classroom instruments for students to borrow.


    Students will leave this class with the knowledge of basic chords and strumming patterns. They will feel comfortable improvising, singing, writing lyrics, and playing simple songs with others.

    Performance Videos:

    Fall 2020