• Course Content and Techniques:

    No experience necessary! This performance course is largely based on the music of various parts of Africa, as well as some steel drumming from Trinidad and Tobago. Once that foundation is set, we will branch out into the musical traditions of Brazil, the Caribbean, India, China, New Zealand, Hawaii, and more! The material for this course will be presented holistically using the African oral tradition, so the ability to read music is not necessary. The course will explore the instrumental techniques, singing, and movement traditions of each of the cultures and songs covered. Come join as we drum up some fun!


    Students will leave this class with basic knowledge of various world musical traditions. They will feel comfortable singing, moving, playing, improvising, and discussing aspects of the music explored in class.

    Performance Videos:

    Fall 2020

    • Steel Drum Christmas - Streamed December 22, 2020
      • Link: Main Video (the video glitches on the final student, so that video is listed separately below)
      • Link: Last Student
    • The following link contains a drumming video and a steel drum video not previously released: