• Course Content and Techniques:

    All band and orchestra instruments are welcome! Depending on enrollment, this course can take many forms: string group, brass group, woodwind group, and/or percussion group. If enough students enroll and instrumentation is balanced, we will also explore performing together as one large mixed ensemble. Students will be expected to practice at home each week to adequately prepare for rehearsals.

    This ensemble is not for complete beginners or instruments outside of the traditional realm of band or orchestra (such as piano or guitar). Beginners should contact James about taking lessons. Instruments other than band or orchestra should also contact about lessons or explore other course options (such as Rock Band).


    Students will leave this class having studied and performed multiple pieces. They will feel comfortable performing in front of others and recognizing the elements of music (melody, harmony, rhythm, etc.) in order to effectively analyze and critique their own performances. Additionally, students will leave this course with a deeper knowledge of the cultural context of the music performed in class.

    2020–2021 Performance Videos:

    Veterans Day - Streamed November 11, 2020

    Pop Music - Streamed December 22, 2020

    Christmas/Winter Music - Streamed December 22, 2020

    The following link contains one pop song video not previously released - Streamed June 1, 2021