• Course Content and Techniques:

    Do you love to sing? If so, this is the course for you! This performance-based class will include instruction aimed at healthy singing technique, strategies for sight singing, and a strong foundation in basic musicianship. We will work on creating music as a unified ensemble and will perform genres including traditional choral music, folk music, music of various world traditions, musical theatre, and popular music. We will explore the cultural, musical, and historical contexts of all of the music that we will learn. Additional repertoire will be based on student interest and ideas.

    The material for this year’s version of choir will largely center around songs from Broadway.


    Students will learn to sing confidently with others. They will recognize the elements of music (melody, harmony, rhythm, etc.) and will be able to effectively analyze and critique their own performances. Additionally, students will leave this course with a deep knowledge of the cultural context of the music performed in class, as well as the relation of musical sound to musical movement.

    Performance Videos:

    Spring 2021