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    Daniel Maciejczyk




    Hi!  My name is Daniel Maciejczyk and I am part of the Leadership Team of the State High Anglers’ Club.  I love fishing, and I love to share my knowledge and love of the sport with you.  I have been fishing ever since I could comprehend how to properly cast a rod, and have loved fishing ever since.  My dad has been my teacher and supporter, and almost everything I have learned has come out of his mouth and into my brain.  

        I have targeted all sorts of fish in all sorts of locations on both the spinning reel and the fly rod.  I have been to Belize, The Bahamas, many parts of Florida, California, Rhode Island, Lake Champlain, and many more.  All of these places have given me great experience and built on my knowledge of fishing. 


    Ms. Heather Shakley-Faculty Club Advisor

    9th Grade Wellness and Physical Education Teacher


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