• It is my belief that homework should be purposeful and not just busy work for the students.

    Homework will not be graded. It will be used as a formative assesment tool to check for students' understanding 


    Click Here to Access the SCASD Homework Policy



    Third Grade Homework Expectations

    --20 minutes for nightly reading

    --10 minutes daily maximum or 40 minutes weekly maximum for "other homework" (i.e. math, science, projects, etc.)


    Math Students

    Students should also be practicing their math facts on Reflex at home twice a week. 

    They may also have an occasional math worksheet. Sometimes I will assign IXL as math homework. 

    If you are looking for skills for your student to practice, here is a list of activities they can do.  


    1. IXL (math practice)

    3. Read to Someone (reading out loud to an adult)

    4. Math Games

    5. Family Games - Yahtzee, Scrabble, Apple to Apple, Checkers, Chess, Uno etc....