Weekly Update - January 10th, 2021

    "People can't read your mind but they can read your body language. Always carry yourself like a champion." 

    Actions for swimming - Keep up the good work filling out the health form each day! 

    Important items to be completed

    Saturday, Jan 16th at Williamsport

    • School bus wheels rolling at 8:20 am, North Athletics Pull-through
    • Snacks provided at the CD meet will also be available on the bus ride to Williamsport. Subs, chips, and water available on the way home.
      • Even if your parents are driving you, this food is available to you
    • Athletes must arrive at Williamsport High School by 9:45 am
    • Meet starts at 11:00 am
    • No spectators are permitted
    • The estimated end time is 3:00 pm
    • The estimated return time is 4:20 pm
    • The transportation form must be filled out if your parents are driving you to and from the meet. 
      • NOTE: This form does not need to be filled out if you are riding the bus
      • Send to Coach Marion and the AD office by Friday, January 15th at 4pm

    Practice schedules/Modifications this week

    Listed below are modifications to the normal schedule:

    • Monday - Team Suit and Cap Distribution! 
    • Tuesday AM
      • Maroon and Gray:6:30-8am
    • Tuesday PM
      • Home Swim Meet
    • Wednesday AM
      • Maroon: 6:30-8am
    • Thursday AM
      • Maroon and Gray:6:30-8am
    • Saturday AM: 8:00-10:00am Non-Travel Team Practice
      • Travel Team Swim/Dive Meet at Williamsport
      • Departure Time 8:15am

    Here is the standard weekly schedule that we'll be using throughout the season:

    High School Schedule

    downloadable version of the practice schedule is also available.

    Parent updates

    Booster Club Dues - Please print page 9 of the Parent Information Packet and mail your Booster Club Dues to Jean Brownstead

    Sign-up for Remind – Text @scsd20p to 81010 to receive important updates from coaches (this is separate from the swimmer's Remind)

    Please read over the Parent Packet 


    Let's Go State! 

    Show Up / Honor Your Teammates With Your Effort / Do Things Correctly 



Last Modified on January 15, 2021