• Fitness Center Scheduling/Usage Procedure for After School 2021/22

    Please follow these steps/instructions to utilize the fitness center after school:

    Sign up: All faculty/staff/students will need to sign up for a time slot after school. 

    1. Complete an After School Faculty/Staff/Student or Team Usage Form. 

      • You only complete this form ONCE...unless you are requesting to change the day(s)/time you already submitted.
    2. Complete a new Permission Form (Students only)

    3. Complete the appropriate Fitness Club Form:

    4. Wait to receive an email from Mrs. Swauger indicating the day(s)/time you have been scheduled.  (This may take a day or 2, so your patience is greatly appreciated.)

    After receiving your email, you may attend on your scheduled day(s).


    Procedure for Usage:

    1. Follow the Healthy and Safety Guidelines as approved by the school board. 

    2. Arrive for Workout and wait at the doors to be admitted.

      1. Use hand sanitizer upon entering.

      2. Sign In:

        1. Students: use ID to swipe

        2. Staff: Use phone to use QR code or this link

      3. Wear a Mask (have a spare).

      4. Maintain Physical Distance of 3-6 Feet (3 Blocks Apart = 6 feet).

      5. Follow all procedures as outlined in the Health and Safety Guidelines (link above).

    3. WORKOUT! :-) 

      1. Clean each piece of equipment BEFORE AND AFTER each use.  Reminder: allow the spray to sit for 45 seconds prior to wiping it off for use. 

      2. TEAMS: will be run as a group and will be given explanation prior to usage

      3. Individual Students: we will begin using a workout APP.  Stay tuned for details.

    4. End of your workout: 

      1. Clean everything you use. 

      2. Use hand sanitizer (or wash your hands) as you exit.

      3. Go directly outside to your prearranged ride; do not linger.  

    5. See you again soon!

Last Modified on August 20, 2021