• District's Winter & Spring Interim Athletics Plan

    SCASD School Board Approved, this allows us to have indoor workouts in the gym. Please take some time to review the linked plan District's Winter & Spring Interim Athletics Plan

    The following graphic breaks the plan down. 



    Key pieces from within the plan: 


    Masks must be worn by all individuals during the entirety of the workout, including during physical activity. 

    • Workouts will be designed with this in mind to provide frequent breaks.
    • Coaches will be wearing masks at all times.
    • There will also be hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies at the court at all times.

    All Players must bring their own water bottles or beverages

    • There is no sharing of water bottles.
    • Players must bring enough for the entire workout as there is also no refilling of bottles.
    • There will be Xs taped around the perimeter of the gym indicating where student-athletes can place their bags/bottles/etc. and where they should go during any break.


    Please try your best to arrive at the start time and leave at the end time.

    • This will probably be the only time as a coach that I don't want players showing up early, but our district administration is strongly emphasizing cutting down on any unnecessary gathering.

Last Modified on February 9, 2021