• Welcome to the 

    'March Into Spring' Fintess Club Competition!

    Purpose of the Competiton:

    Fitness Club is hosting this month long event to encourage students to get moving as well as to have a fun goal to work towards during this unique school year. 

    We care about your physical and mental wellness and exercise is a positive outlet to help.

    Each week in March we are focusing on one exercise.  During that week you need to use good form and see how many repetitions you can perform of that exercise in 2 minutes.  Submit your results using the appropriate form below.  That's it!!!  

    Looking for some motiviation?  Competition?  Challenge a friend, get a team (of 2-4 people) and challege another team!  


    What exercises are we doing? and When?

    Week 1: March 1-5: 2 Min Push Up                                       

    Week 2: March 8-12: 2 Min Sit Up

    Week 3: March 15-19: 2 Min Squat-Thrust

    Week 4: March 22-26: 4 Min HITT (all previous exercises)

    Where Do I Submit My Results?

    Push Up


    Squat Thrust


    How do I sign up to participate?   Fill out this form

    • You'll choose either in-person or at home (see below).
    • You'll choose individual or as a team (see below).

    Where do I participate?

    (You will need to be certified and have a permission form on file.)

    In-Person   At Home

    Complete this form to indicate the activity(ies) you plan to participate in. 

    • Come to the fitness center at your assigned time and complete the exercise. (See Covid procedures for After School Usage.)


    • If you are only coming in on a day during that week to complete the exercise of the week, please use this form to sign up.






    Complete this form to indicate the activity(ies) you plan to participate in. 

    During the week of the activity you are participating in:

    (1) Complete the activity.

    (2) Record yourself: We are asking everyone that will not be in person to record themselves performing the activity to ensure proper form and all around scoring fairness- only 'reps with proper form will be counted. Vidoes will only be viewed by Mrs. Swauger or Grace (Intern) to ensure proper form was used.  

    (3) Submit your results and the video via the form provided (see links under Results above).   



    Is this an individual or team competition? BOTH!

    Individual    Team

    Sign up and particitpate in any or all of the activities. 

    You will be entered for prizes for the activities you complete.

    Come and challege yourself, a friend and have fun!

      There is a section on the sign up form that allows you to sign up for a team.  Rules for teams are:
    1. Teams must have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 students.
    2. Fill out the entrance form (above)
    3. Have a team name prepared, you will be asked for your team name (please come up with a school appropriate name)
    4. Complete the category your team falls under (i.e. upperclassmen male or underclassmen co-ed etc.)
    5. Team categories:
      • Upperclassmen: Female, Male or Co-ed 
      • Underclassmen: Female, Male or Co-ed

    What are the prizes?

    20 Day Pool Passes


    Have more questions? 


    Drew Davis (President)

    Sierra Grande (Tresurer)

    Rocco Ragonese: (Secretary)

    Grace Halverson: (Intern)

    Mrs. Diane Swauger (Fitness Club Advisor) 

Last Modified on March 3, 2021