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    Athletics Philosophy


    The PIAA-affiliated athletics program in the State College Area School District is a co-curricular activity.  The athletic philosophy was developed and approved by the Board of School Directors to ensure the implementation of the program in accord with the educational goals of the school district.  A copy of the philosophy and program objectives are available in the Athletics Office.




    The State College Area School District Board of School Directors accepts the concept of cooperation, encouragement and support given by approved Booster Organizations to the school district's various PIAA-affiliated interscholastic athletics programs.




    The Board further recognizes and declares that the role of an approved Booster Group is to assist and support but not to direct, interfere with, nor supplant the staff, existing facilities or athletics programs of the school district.  It must be clearly understood by all booster club members that all school district sponsored activities are under the control, direction and supervision of the Board of School Directors through its building principals and their designee, the Director of Athletics.  The Director of Athletics will serve as the immediate liaison to the Booster Organizations.


    Booster Organization activities may strive to achieve the following objectives:


    1. To promote fan support, spirit and sportsmanship.
    2. To assist the District by providing supplemental benefits and services to student-athletes.
    3. To increase the opportunity for communication between parents/guardians and coaches in areas of common interest.




    Booster Clubs shall be governed by a published constitution and by-laws which are consistent with the philosophy, mission and policies of the SCASD (A copy is available in the Athletics Office).   A full complement of persons filling the elected offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, as well as any additional offices, are responsible for carrying out the decisions of the membership.


    When organizing or reorganizing, Booster Groups must make every effort possible to notify all interested persons in a timely way of meetings and activities.





    In order to gain and retain the recognition of the Board of School Directors as an Approved Booster Organization and, thereby, eligible to work with the respective school district sport which it supports and for which it receives the SCASD's cooperation and assistance in its activities, a booster group must complete the following requirements:

    1. Submit a copy of the group's current constitution and by-laws to the Athletics Director prior to the start of the season.
    2. Forward to the Athletics Director a listing of current officers' names, phone numbers and addresses prior to the beginning of the season. 
    3. Prior to the beginning of the season, submit to the Athletics Director a copy of the organization's financial report.  The report should include all of the following:
    • A proposed budget for the forthcoming fiscal year with anticipated expenditures and revenues (including fund raising activities).
    • An actual budget for the previous fiscal year with documented expenditures and revenues.
    •  A verification of the Booster Group's FDIC insured depository bank or FSLIC insured savings and loan association into which all proceeds and receipts shall be deposited.
    1. Be a participatory member of the Athletics Director's pre-season organizational meeting for Booster Club Presidents or their representative.



    Guidelines for Fundraising


    Fundraising activities by Booster Groups may be approved by the Athletics Director upon the Booster Group's securing official approval for the specific fundraiser, submitting a proposal in writing to the Athletics Director for each activity and by acknowledging compliance with the following rules:


    1. Fundraising projects should be limited so as not to put undue pressure on community businesses or individuals.  Clubs are discouraged from involving themselves in fundraising projects that would be in excess of their projected needs for that sport season.  Each club should undertake no more than one major fundraising project per season. 
    2. Student-athletes are not to be required to take part in fundraising activities, nor are they to be singled out if they do not wish to participate in the fund raising activity.  In no circumstance are students to be asked to participate in door-to-door fundraising. 
    3. Where advertisements are solicited for programs or other publications, the use of advertisers who are typically associated with the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products is not permitted. 
    4. Small games of chance or lotteries shall not be permitted, except as licensed by the Pennsylvania Small Games of Chance Act.  Currently, a request for such a permit must be directed to the Centre County Treasurer's Department. 
    5. Booster Clubs must follow appropriate accounting practices in maintaining and disbursing funds. 
    6. Booster Groups shall not use the SCASD tax-exempt number for purchases.  Groups should strongly consider filing with the Commission of Charitable Organizations, Department of State, as a charitable, non-profit organization to secure their own tax-exempt number.


    Guidelines for Making Contributions to the School District


    The State College Area School District supports contributions to the Athletics Department.  However, Booster Club donations to individual sports must be made with the advice and approval of the Athletics Director.  This is necessary to ensure equity among programs in keeping within the guidelines of Title IX* and to protect the athletes from potential violations of PIAA regulations concerning amateur status.  It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that equivalent benefits and services are provided to teams and team members of both sexes.  In the event one sex receives benefits and services from a booster club than cannot be provided to athletes of the other sex, the school ultimately is responsible to take action that ensures equivalent benefits and services for both sexes.  This means that the school district could require booster clubs to make equivalent donations of benefits and services to either sports team or could even refuse the clubs' initial donation. 


    If a Booster Club wishes to make a contribution to the Athletics Department in excess of $1000, they must adhere to the policy established by the school district for the receipt of gifts by organizations outside the district.  A copy of the gift policy is available in the athletics office.


    *Title IX is part of the Education Amendments of 1972 that prohibit sex discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal funds.



    Guidelines for Using School District Facilities


    Booster Clubs must adhere to the School District Policy #707 regarding the use and scheduling of facilities.  Facilities should be scheduled for all Booster Club meetings and any other times the Booster Club wishes to use the facilities for their activities.  A copy of facility reservation procedures are available in the athletics office.  The facilities-use form is available in the school office of the building the club wishes to use, from the Director of the Physical Plant or the Athletics Office at the High School North Building, Room 870.


    Booster Clubs operating concession stands at school events are limited to the lobby area when indoors.  They should assist in keeping food and drink out of restricted areas (gymnasiums).  When running concessions out of doors, they should assist in keeping the area litter free.  For specific guidelines on the use of the HSN concession stand, please reference information that is available in the athletics office.



    Guidelines for Booster Club Sponsored Fan Buses to Away Games


    Fan Bus trips that are sponsored by booster clubs are considered by the school to be "school-related activities" if students are involved and solicitation for participants is done within the schools.


    All such activities should be approved in advance by the building administration and written permission from the parent/guardian must be received before the student is permitted to go to the event.

    In securing building administration approval, it is suggested that the following details be determined:


    • How will the trip be announced to the general student population?
    • What is any cost expected for the bus?  For admission to the event?
    • How will sign-ups and excursion permit distribution and collection be handled?
    • Who will serve as chaperones on the trip?  Will school district staff be in attendance?
    • With whom will a copy of the itinerary and the student roster be left in State College?  Who will be the contact person both on the bus and in State College?
    • What is the time/location of departure and return?


    It is important to communicate this information with both high school offices and the athletics office as far in advance of the trip as possible.  Each office can assist with expediting the tasks that need to be completed.


    Written permission from the parent of each student can be secured on the "SCASD Excursion Permit."  Forms are available in the main offices of each secondary building.  Permits should be collected prior to the bus departing the school lot.


    Guidelines for Non-routine Interscholastic Athletics Team Travel


    Sponsorship of a team competition by a booster club, which requires air travel, pre or post-season training/competition or involving special invitation, must be processed well in advance of the event through the Athletics Office as follows:


    1. Coach Submits a completed request form and any additional information about the trip to the Director of Athletics.  The identification of the funding donor is important. 
    2. Athletics Director reviews forms/information 
    3. If approved, the gift is deposited in the SCASD athletics fund for disbursement for expenses. 
    4. Normal procedures are then taken to execute the trip--except in times of a high national security alert.  During such a time, a committee comprised of the Director of Secondary Education and the Associate Principals must approve all requests.


    Guidelines for Sponsoring Banquets


    It is recommended that all banquet activities be scheduled following the completion of the season's schedule.  The dates of state championship events are available in the Athletics Office.  Care must be taken by Booster Clubs not to provide athletes with gifts or awards that may be in violation of the rules and regulations of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association.  A violation of the PIAA rules and regulations, Article II, on amateur status and awards is sbsilsblr in the athletics office.  Any questions regarding articles to be given should be directed to the Athletics Director at the High School North Building.  Questions regarding any gift may need to be directed to the Executive Director of the PIAA.


    When planning and carrying out banquets, Booster Clubs should be sensitive to the following issues:


    1. The expense that will be incurred by those wishing to attend; picnics and potluck dinners held in school cafeterias or public park facilities are inexpensive options that can provide a pleasant atmosphere for honoring athletes and their families. 
    2. The implications the various activities planned for banquets may have on the diverse ethnic and religious cultures that may be represented in the team membership.  The use of opening and closing religious remarks and activities should be carefully planned to be inclusive of all groups represented.  In certain circumstances consideration may need to be given to the choice of food or foods offered. 
    3. The length of the banquet.  Repetition of activities, remarks and recognitions of individuals or groups may lead to restlessness among some attendees and create distraction from the positive nature of the occasion.  Organizers should be mindful of the occasion.  Organizers should be mindful of reasonable expectations for length being approximately two hours. 
    4. The results of opening up certain parts of the agenda to student-athlete driven activities.  Typically, these include:  Senior farewell speeches, gag gifts to teammates and slide/video presentations.  Communication between the banquet planners and the athletes is necessary before the banquet to reinforce standards of appropriateness for such activities in order to prevent embarrassment or other negative effects to either the presenters or the audience.


    Guidelines for Providing Gifts and Mementos to Team Members


    It has become a tradition for Booster Clubs to provide team members with gifts and mementos at the season ending banquet.  To ensure equality of treatment of athletes participating in the State College Area School District athletics programs and to reduce the burden on Booster Clubs to raise large sums of money, the following gifts may be provided to team members:


    • Freshmen - Team and/or individual picture plaques
    • Sophomore - Team and/or individual picture plaques
    • Junior - Team and/or individual picture plaques
    • Senior - Team and/or individual picture plaques; Maroon Wool letter blanket with a chenille "S" or the State College Area High school embroidered on the blanket (identification of the sport would also be acceptable)


    In cases where an athlete has already received a blanket, a gift of comparable value would be acceptable.


    As a reminder, a violation of the rules and regulations of the PIAA regarding amateur status would affect the eligibility of the student for one year from that violation.  For additional details, see the Athletics Director.


    Gifts from Booster Clubs for coaches should be kept at modest levels.  Tokens of appreciation provided to the coaching staff of a sport should not exceed the cost of those provided to senior athletes.


    Guidelines for Assisting with Directions to Away Competitions


    Booster Clubs can be instrumental in disseminating directions to away competitions.  Directions to individual sites are available in the Athletics Office.  Club Members are encouraged to work with the coach to use that collection to assemble appropriate packages for each year.  Distribution to athletes and parents can be arranged as a fundraiser or benefit to membership in the club.




    Guidelines for Spectator Conduct at Interscholastic Athletic Events


    Interscholastic athletic events are among the most popularly attended school-sponsored activities.  Spectators at an athletic contest, take on the important role of representatives of our school district.  Actions are seen and comments are heard by family and friends, opposing fans, local community residents, the media, coaches and athletes.  Our school district expects that all spectators will conduct themselves in a way consistent with our theme of respecting the rights, person and property of others.


    The following rules of sportsmanship for spectators at State College Area School District events outline how you can contribute to making these contests a positive experience for all persons in attendance:


    1. Learn the rules of the sport so that you can understand and appreciate the action that takes place. 
    2. Treat visiting players, coaches, cheerleaders and fans with courtesy as you would a guest in your own home. 
    3. Accept that athletics are a learning experience for the participants and value the athletes' efforts.
    4. Respect the integrity and judgment of officials. 
    5. Cheer for your team, not against your opponent. 
    6. Show concern for an injured player, regardless of the team.
    7. Follow the facility rules set by the game-site management/administration. 
    8. Do not attend events under the influence of any controlled substances (alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc.) that will alter your thoughts and reactions to the situations of the contest.

     We invite you to support our athletic teams with the "Spirit of the Lion" throughout the school year.


    Guidelines for Adhering to SCASD Facility Rules


    The following behaviors are unacceptable by spectators at SCASD athletic sites:


    1. Cheers/chants/songs/signs/banners and gestures which are obscene, taunting, disrespectful or derogatory 
    2. Displays of anger or profanity that draw attention away from the contest 
    3. Throwing any object within the stands or onto the playing surface 
    4. Standing during play in any area other than the identified student section of the bleachers; no standing on the court during play 
    5. Not complying with officials' decisions regarding the use of artificial noise makers and sounds meant to distract players at key times in the contest 
    6. Bringing food or drink into the gym; water and sports drinks are allowed only in the team bench area for the athletes and coaches 
    7. The use of "silly string," confetti, or like products in the gym 
    8. The use of tobacco products on school district property

     If these behaviors are observed, SCASD event management staff will request the behavior be stopped immediately.  Failure to comply with this request may result in the individual's removal from the venue and suspension from attendance at future school-sponsored events.


    Dressing in "crazy" or unusual attire is permitted at SCASD events.  However, care should be taken by the dressers to protect their regular clothing and valuables that are brought into the facility.  Bathrooms and locker rooms should not be used for changing clothes or storage of clothing and valuables without administrative permission.


    Guidelines for following PIAA Tournament Rules for all Facilities


    The following behaviors are prohibited by spectators:


    1. Unsportsmanlike banners and signs that are posted or displayed 
    2. Any banner or sign that may be carried; banners and signs must be stationary 
    3. Throwing confetti, toilet paper rolls, or other objects 
    4. Waving streamers, shakers, or pom-poms to distract players 
    5. Provocative antics or stunts 
    6. Sirens, whistles, artificial noisemakers, or portable listening devices without earphones 
    7. Menacing actions and gestures toward opposing players or officials 
    8. Any bands or organized instrumental groups (Basketball events only) 
    9. Spectators seated behind the free throw lanes disconcerting the free-thrower (Basketball events only)

    Please note that any violation of this conduct code could result in the offending school being disqualified from further participation in the tournament. 


    General regulations for coach/spectator decorum for all sports as offered by the PIAA are available at the athletics office.


    To review or print the complete

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