A Day in the Life of a Student

    Sample Lessons

    K12/Stride Education Curriculum  has been aligned with our SCASD curriculum. As such, not all courses listed are available through SCASD VA.

    Developmentally, students are not advised to be online 100% of the time in grades K-5, therefore we aim to provide the following balance between online and offline activities and work:.

    • K-1: 30% online/ 70% offline

    • 2-4: 45% online/ 55% offline

    • 5th: 70% online/ 30% offline

    Parents or another designated Learning Coach will need to support their child for 1-3 hours a day depending on the grade and the level of independence of the student. Support may be required for some of the following situations: logging in, managing schedule, offline activities, workbook feedback, ensuring work is completed, answering questions.