• DRAFT: June 21, 2021



    To positively impact the lives of others,

    we will develop and support a premier athletic program

    built on a tradition of integrity and excellence,

    upholding high academic, social, and athletic standards


    SCASD Girls Soccer Philosophy:

    - We will build the program around relationships in which every member of the team has value.

    - We will engage in 100% commitment and accountability to ourselves, our families, teammates, coaches, teachers, program, school, and community.

    (This includes but isn't limited to actions and words, how you treat others, sportsmanship, social media, bullying, harassment, drugs and alcohol)

    -We will create a successful team environment through trust and investment into who we are, and who we want to be.




    SCGSOC Core Values:

    core values


    Communication Model:

    Email, Remind app, Website

    -Among Players

    -Among Players and Coaches

    -Among Players and Parents

    -Among Parents and Coaches


    Coaches will not discuss playing time, other team members, or team strategy with parents.

    Please work with the coaches to find appropriate times for discussion. 

Last Modified on August 5, 2021