• Course Content and Techniques:

    This is essentially a rock band class, but viewed through a slightly broader musical lens. In this course, students will learn multiple approaches to writing a song. Students will first learn the basics of performance on the main popular music instruments (piano, guitar, bass, drums, and vocals), then learn, prepare, and perform covers of songs. Students will then work on crafting lyrics as poetry, parodies, storytelling, piggybacking, the theory of compositional techniques, song structure, place-based composition, rap, and finding inspiration through experimentation. In addition, students will gain enhanced listening skills to identify and appreciate new musical styles, and be capable of implementing these skills in their writing. Student-created songs will then be learned and performed in groups just like the cover songs. Last, using an online multi-track recording digital audio workstation, students will record “demo tapes” of their songs, which could include covers and/or original selections.

    *Depending on the status of COVID-19 regulations and public performances, this course could include live performances in a public dinner venue.


    Students will leave this course having composed at least one original song. They will recognize the elements of music (melody, harmony, rhythm, etc.) and will be able to effectively analyze and critique their own music and the music of others. As a result of this course, each student will be a more conscious consumer of music.