• Students in Advanced English 10 explore the content in greater depth, move at a faster pace, prepare long-term assignments, and work toward more challenging tasks/standards. Expectations include commitment, investment in reading and writing, time-management skills, independent thinking, grade-level or above average reading ability, above-average writing ability, analysis skills, and the willingness to take risks. Assessment is based on the quality of written assignments and tests, contributions to class discussion, presentations, participation in group work, and the timely submission of work. The pieces of literature that may be studied include both classic and contemporary texts. Students practice the writing process through a variety of writing experiences that are designed to improve their writing style. Grammar, usage, and vocabulary instruction are integrated into the study of literature and writing. Presentation experiences include both individual and group efforts. Students will prepare for the Literature Keystone Exam that is administered in the spring.

Last Modified on August 19, 2021