• Course description

    AP Human Geography is a college level course offered to high school students. This course introduces students to the discipline of human geography, including physical, cultural, political and economic geography. 


    Course objectives (content and skills) 

    Students will:

    • learn and understand the content and skills necessary to pass the AP Human Geography exam in May.
    • be more geoliterate, more engaged in contemporary global issues, and more multicultural in their viewpoints.
    • develop skills in approaching problems geographically, using maps and geospatial technologies, thinking critically about texts and graphic images, interpreting cultural landscapes, and applying geographic concepts.
    • see geography as a discipline relevant to the world in which we live; as a source for identifying, clarifying, and solving problems at various scales and in building global citizenship & environmental stewardship.
    • be able to interpret maps and analyze geospatial data.
    • understand the associations and networks among phenomena in particular places and explain their implications.
    • recognize and interpret the relationships among patterns and processes at different scales of analysis.
    • define regions and evaluate the regionalization process.

    Source: AP Human Geography Course Description, 2015

Last Modified on August 21, 2021