• Richard A. Queeney Memorial Fund
    for Educational Opportunity

    Distribution Guidelines
    While we are reluctant to set a cap on the amount that may be granted to one individual, we prefer that funds be distributed so that several students may benefit, rather than granting only one or two requests in a year.  Therefore, funds will be distributed with the intent to maximize the number of individual students who can benefit.  Except for extenuating circumstances, an individual student may be given only one grant per academic year.

    Therefore, funds will be distributed with the intent to maximize the number of individual students who can benefit.

    A first come first served approach may be employed and students who have received a grant anytime in the past will be subject to a more rigorous process than first-time applicants.

    Selection Guidelines
    An application form for teachers, coaches, administrators, and other staff persons to request funds is available.  To streamline the process, the form is brief, asking only for student name, purpose for which funds are needed, circumstances prompting the request, date by which a response is needed and name of the requesting SCASD employee.

    A committee of three SCASD teachers-including an elementary and a secondary teacher-and whenever possible a Queeney family member will review and make a recommendation on each application.

    The nature of such requests will require a process with quick response capacity.  Information and application forms can be found on the SCASD Student Services website.

    As much business as possible will be conducted via electronic communication.

    Payment process
    After the committee agrees on action, it will direct the State College Area School District Business office to process the funds.

    Payment will be made only to the provider of the activity, service, program, or goods for which funding is granted.  No payment will be made to a SCASD employee, parent or student.

    Whenever possible, the broker who will be providing the goods or services will be asked to bill the SCASD (sending bills to the Student Services Department).

    Application guidelines

    Please complete the checklist below to ensure that the application meets all five criteria, a requirement for the application to qualify for consideration:

    • indication/documentation of financial need
    • school-sponsored activity
    • payments must be made directly to the entity providing the service or product
    • funding will not be paid directly to booster clubs, parents, students, student clubs or
      school district employees or departments
    • if possible, student will pay part of the total activity cost
    • submitted by a SCASD staff member

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Last Modified on November 30, 2022