Words and Music by Elizabeth Swados

    Based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Act I) and Through the Looking Glass (Act II) by Lewis Carroll, Alice in Concert by Elizabeth Swados sets the adventures of Alice Pleasance Liddell to music ranging from rock to country and from western to calypso. The outlandish characters of Wonderland are reinterpreted in a “story theatre” type-setting that Ms. Swados referred to as a “concert drama.” Let it be known that Alice in Concert is not a children’s show, but a thoughtful exploration of Lewis Carroll’s books. An exploration of the themes of change and growing up, Carroll’s collection of surprising stories, word games, and riddles (not to mention a splash of British History) offers the actors and audience movement, songs, dance, and pageantry through the ever-present view of ten-year-old Alice.

    ALICE IN CONCERT is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatrials www.concordtheatricals.com



Last Modified on November 9, 2022