• Hello, Mary Poppins Cast and Families!

    We are very excited to get started on the show, and can’t wait to begin putting it all together. This show is a big one, and based on your auditions, it’s going to be a great one. 

    There is some REALLY important info here, so please read the entire email!

    We wanted to share the link to the Rehearsal Schedule with you all so that you can begin to plan adequately. The Rehearsal Schedule lists the date and time of a scheduled rehearsal, as well as who is called and what they should be prepared to accomplish during the rehearsal. We will only call you for a rehearsal if you are needed, so please make sure you look for your name. If you are not listed for a rehearsal, you do not need to attend. We also list excused conflicts on the Rehearsal Schedule. If you are listed as excused for a rehearsal, you do not need to reach out to us any further, but it will be your responsibility to find a cast mate and get caught up on anything you miss, and be prepared when we revisit the song or scene. The Rehearsal Schedule is subject to change, so we recommend you check it at least twice a week. 

    We also would like to share the link to our Actor’s Schedule. This is a great at-a-glance reference schedule and will help you make sure you know exactly when you are called. Green blocks indicate you are called for that time slot. Please make sure if you use this that you are also referring to the Rehearsal Schedule, so you can be prepared for whatever we will be working on for each rehearsal. 

    Our first rehearsal is this coming Monday, October 18th, and is scheduled to run 4:00 to 7:00. We will be reading through the script and listening to the songs from the show. The entire cast is called for this rehearsal. You will see on the Rehearsal Schedule that we do excuse those with conflicts. We will begin the read thru as soon as the PFMS bus arrives, and it is a long show, so please make sure you find a seat in the MNMS auditorium quickly and quietly when you arrive, so we can get started ASAP and get through as much of the show as possible. Remember, you should all sit every other seat and maintain distance.

    This is a long rehearsal, so please feel free to bring a snack if you wish, as well as a water bottle, to get you through the rehearsal. You will be allowed to eat your snack in your seat, quietly, while we are reading. Please be sure to clean up any trash and to not make a mess!

    Because we have a limited number of scripts, and because we want to maintain distancing as much as possible, we are sharing a pdf of the script with you all. Please make sure you bring your chrome book to Monday’s rehearsal so you can access the script online via your chrome book. Some of you will be receiving actual scripts that contain the sheet music from the show. You will receive a separate email if you are one of those getting scripts. If you do not have a script, Shaffer will provide your sheet music as you are learning your music. 

    We can’t wait to see you on Monday!

    Kat, Shaffer and Mrs. Sliman

Last Modified on October 15, 2021