Jazz Improv Backing Tracks

  • These backing tracks are great for practicing 12-bar blues improvisation! They are all in the key of Bb, but there are many more on Youtube when you are ready to try another key. 

    Use your blues scales to choose notes that are guaranteed to not be clinkers. The Progression in your packet has the scales printed out for you.

    Watch the chords going by, so you know which blues scale fits when. 

    Play stylistically! Listen to the rhythm and style and try to make it fit. 

    Make a little tune--think melodically! More notes does not equal more success, but playing all the same thing every time is boring. Vary what you do, add some rests, some longer notes, and maybe even a quotation from a tune you like.

    Have fun!

    Practice these at home so you feel confident when you show up for rehearsal. The more you do it, the easier it gets, and the more fun you will have! 


Last Modified on November 16, 2022