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    Due to COVID restrictions, registration for all teen and adult lessons is closed at this time. If you are interested in registering for driving lessons when lessons resume, please click here to fill out the form and we will contact you when registration opens. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
    Please note: Our calendar is typically booked several months in advance. Due to the cancellation of many lessons as a result of the school closure, we expect the calendar to be particularly booked once we are able to resume driving.
    In-car driver education instructor Dagmar Wilson has some tips and key skills for your teen to work on until we are able to resume lessons. We encourage you to take this opportunity, while roads and parking lots are far less busy than normal, to drive as much as you can.

    *Map out a route at home before you leave, turn off your cell phone
    *Choose a few skills from the list below for your parent to cue you on and reinforce
    *Put on your seat belt, start the car, adjust the seat, properly set the mirrors (remember Blind Spot Glare Elimination (BGE), share the technique with your parents, demonstrate the process and the evidence)
    *Review the controls

    Some skills to focus on:

    *Maintaining proper lane position
    *Maintaining a consistent speed and respecting speed limits (emphasis on limit)
    *Maintaining following distance and stopping distance
    *Complete stops at stop signs (front bumper to post or behind the line, whichever comes first), behind the line at a red traffic light
    *Scanning at intersections to increase peripheral vision
    *Mindful, focused scanning at traffic light changes, high pedestrian zones, prior to lane changes
    *Intentional and timely use of turn signals/directional indicator
    *Practicing lane changing procedures
    *Practicing parallel parking formula (two practice parallel parking spaces exist for student practice, one in the MNE bus loop and one at Community Fields, both marked with orange cones to mimic the front and rear bumper of other parked cars)
    *Practicing T parking and angle parking procedures
    *Practicing multiple reverse driving procedures
    *Practicing tight right turns and wide left turns (90 degree angles)


    The driver’s seat is waiting for you! Get behind the wheel with our personal, in-car driving lessons.  Professional, patient and certified driving instructors are ready to teach you how to drive. Students drive in residential, rural, and downtown settings.  Vehicles are equipped with audio and visual recording equipment.  This is a Department of Education approved in-car driving program. 

    For high school students 16 years of age and older who currently hold a valid PA Learner’s Permit and reside within State College Area School District, Community Education offers six (6) hours of in-car instruction.  A vehicle is provided for use during the lessons and test and instruction is scheduled by appointment.  Our instructors are able to offer the PA Driver's License Test as part of the 6 hours of in-car instruction.  The fee for the 2019-20 school year is $350.  


    *To maximize driving time behind the wheel, we suggest that students have at least 10 hours of behind the wheel instruction with a parent or guardian and have a solid understanding of basic vehicle functions/operation (brake pedal, gas pedal, turn signals, etc) prior to registering for our program. 

    Driver Education FAQ

  • Does my student need to complete the in-class theory component prior to registering for this course?

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    Yes, the completion of the theory portion is required PRIOR to registration.

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  • When should I register my high school student? He just got his permit, is it too soon?

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    The student can register for the In-Car Driver's Ed. Program once they have received their PA Learner's Permit. To complete registration, you will need to have the eligibility date printed on the Learner's Permit.

    To maximize driving time behind the wheel, we suggest that students should have at least 10 hours of behind the wheel instruction with a parent or guardian and have a solid understanding of basic vehicle functions/operation (brake pedal, gas pedal, turn signals, etc) prior to registering for our program.

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  • What times are available for instruction?

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    Throughout the school year, instructors are available most days before school, after school and on Saturday mornings.  During the Summer, an instructor is typically available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., with some evening hours.  Plan on registering your student a minimum of 6-8 weeks prior to your intended start date, though that is merely a guideline.  Sometimes we are booked many months in advance.  Keep in mind, depending on your student's availability and opening in our instructors' schedules, it can take several weeks to complete instruction. 

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  • When can my child test?

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    Students are eligible to test 6 months after obtaining their permit, NOT 6 months after their 16th birthday, and once the 65 hours of supervised driving have been completed.  Their eligibility date is printed on the permit.

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  • Does my student have to test with you?

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    No, students do not have to test with us.  If you choose to test in Pleasant Gap, your student will complete 6 hours of instruction with us.

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  • Do I have to turn in a log of the 65 hours?

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    Prior to testing, we require you to sign a Certification Form in the presence of an instructor stating your child has had 65 hours as mandated.  The 6 hours a student drives with us counts toward the 65 hours.

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  • Will my insurance company offer a discount if my student does the in-car instruction?

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    You will need to contact your insurance company directly.  At the conclusion of this course, each student is issued a Certificate of Completion, which many insurance companies require if they do offer discounts. 

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  • My student is eligible for a Senior License, how do I obtain the tester's signature?

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    Contact our office at (814) 231-1061 during business hours and we will give you the instructor's cell phone number.  You will need to contact him/her to arrange a time to meet to obtain their signature. For more information from the PA DOT regarding a Senior License, click here.

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