• The Taxpayer Relief Act was signed into law June 27, 2006 to provide property tax relief to resident homeowners. This law, referred to as Act 1 of 2006, requires school districts to provide residential property owners within the school district, who were not previously approved, with an application for the homestead and farmstead exclusion program by December 31, of each year. 
    Below is a link to the form and instructions. Applications must be received by the assessment office by March 1, 2024.


    Property tax relief will begin only if the state certifies that it has enough gaming revenue to make payments to school districts to offset their lost local revenue from reduced property taxes.  Property tax reduction will be in the form of a reduced assessment noted on your school district property tax bill.  However, the reduction will not be automatic; you must qualify for the reduction by filing the homestead and farmstead exclusion application with the county assessment office and your application must be approved.  Send your completed application to:


                                                    Centre County Assessment Office

                                                    420 Holmes Street, RM 301

                                                    Bellefonte, PA  16823-1488


    You will receive notification regarding your approval/denial from the county assessor within 30 days after the receipt of your application.  If for any reason your application is denied, you will be given an opportunity to appeal the county’s determination.

    Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion Application

Last Modified on June 30, 2023