• Reclaiming Individual Talent 6-12 - RIT/AEDY Program

    Reclaiming Individual Talent or RIT (pronounced RITE) is an educational alternative program that has been in operation in our district since early 1994.  Over the years, the program has evolved to meet the needs of students who are temporarily unable to maintain progress in high school or middle schools due to a variety of reasons, such as significant behavioral and/or emotional concerns that cause a student to fall behind in the regular curriculum.  Some students are placed by the superintendent for serious violations meriting expulsion or suspension and this is classified as RIT/AEDY and more details related to these services can be found here.

    Helping Elementary At-Risk To Succeed - HEARTS K-5 Program

     (Helping Elementary At-Risk To Succeed) HEARTS is, by definition, a school-based partial hospitalization program.  It falls within the mental health treatment spectrum of care, and from a clinical perspective, HEARTS is placed between outpatient therapy and inpatient hospitalization.  What does that mean?  In a nutshell, students who need more than just outpatient therapy, but less than admission to a psychiatric hospital, are potential qualifiers for HEARTS.  A typical school day at HEARTS includes two hours of group therapy along with math and language arts instruction (SCASD curriculum).  Students also have access to weekly individual therapy sessions and weekly psychiatric appointments.  Families also participate in family therapy, as well as psychiatric time. It is important to note that HEARTS is a licensed mental health provider, and so there are state regulations that must be followed for admission and treatment.

    School Based Mental Health (SBMH) Services

    School Based Mental Health Services are available through the school mental health program to students, families, and faculty/staff in the State College Area School District. SBMH services are dedicated to providing comprehensive mental health services that are strength-based, developmentally appropriate, data-driven, youth-guided and family focused. Services primarily include assessment and evaluation, consultation and collaboration, individual, group, and family therapy, and targeted training.
Last Modified on December 13, 2023