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    Ticket Sales: contact Chef Lorber via email ZML12@scasd.org - prepayment can be made by cash or check and can be dropped off at the kitchen (F118) or mailroom


    Parking and Entrance:

    Entrance Door 8


    Take-Out Options: takeout will be available (high school personnel only) in the Centre Plate dining room (F117) starting at 415pm


    Snow Day: if school is cancelled due to weather, the in-person meal will also be cancelled, but heat & eat takeouts will be available the next regular school day starting at 11am


    Weather Delay: 1 and 2 hour delays will not affect the in-person meal. A 3 hour delay will be treated the same as a snow day



    2023-2024 events

    Oktoberfest: Thursday, October 12: Matthew Shue and Chris Smerbeck

    Caribbean: Friday, December 15: Justin Castro-Dixon and Alex Smith

    Brazilian Carnival: Tuesday, February 13, 2024: Tori Kroboth, McKenna Whysong, and Olivia Zellner

    Chinese New Year: Brian Chen

    English Pub: James Washington

    Meditteranean: Dennis Inman and Kenneth Furedy

    Bigger, Better, Burgers: DeAndre Redhead

    High Tea: Mattie Moritz and Jay Nelson


Last Modified on September 20, 2023