• You've been inducted into NHS -- Congratulations!

    Being accepted into NHS is the first step, but to remain a member, you must continue to set an example in each of the four pillars for each of the years you remain an active member in high school.  You will do so by:

    • Maintaining your excellent scholarship of a 3.75 cumulative unweighted GPA through graduation
    • Continuing your selfless service to the community by earning a minimum of 20 hours each school year (beginning the first day of summer through May 25th).
    • Continuing to evidence leadership and an excellent character by adhering to the rules of the school and remaining actively engaged in our school and community.  
    • Attending any chapter meetings 
    • Engaging in any required chapter activities
    • Submitting your annual dues ($20 -- however, students in need can request a waiver for their dues). 

    Students who reach this very high bar of achievement will be afforded the opportunity to wear the NHS medal at graduation.  

    New to the district? 

    If you are a student who was inducted at another school, please have your chapter advisor send Jen Rand (jls66@scasd.org) an email confirming that you were a member in good standing at your prior school.  Your membership will automatically transfer to the SCAHS chapter.  To retain your membership, you will need to meet all SCAHS NHS annual requirements with the exception of GPA.  New students must maintain a 3.75 unweighted GPA at State High only; the cumulative GPA will not be considered.


Last Modified on March 1, 2022