Transportation to and from Child Care Facilities

  • Transportation may be requested to and from your students' child care facility if it falls within the boundaries of their elementary school attendance area. Please note that students residing along the school bus routes receive seating priority.

    • The childcare site must be located within the geographical attendance boundary of your student’s school. For example, if your student will be attending Radio Park, the childcare site must be located within the Radio Park geographical attendance boundary.
    • There must be adequate seating space available on the requested bus. Students legally residing along the bus route receive priority.
    • Students will be boarded/discharged at the closest available stop to their child care site. No new routes or stops will be created.
    • The requested childcare transportation should be on a consistent five (5) day per week basis. It’s too confusing for kindergarten students, as well as school bus drivers and teachers with many students under their supervision, to remember different arrangements for different students on different days.
    • The initial request, as well as any subsequent changes, must be made in writing to both the student’s school and the district transportation department. Requests are date stamped by the transportation department as we receive them, and assignments are made on a first come-first served basis.
    • Please reach out to your child care facility directly to set up transportation.

Child Care Facilities and School Attendance Areas

Child Care Facility Attendance Area
Building Bridges Radio Park Elementary
C3 Sports Spring Creek Elementary
Country Christian Gray's Woods Elementary
Kid's Court Spring Creek Elementary
Kindercare Radio Park Elementary, Park Forest Elementary
Learning Station Easterly Parkway Elementary, Ferguson Township Elementary
MindBodyArt Gray's Woods Elementary, Park Forest Middle School
Step By Step, 106 Village Drive Radio Park Elementary
Step By Step, 2179 Sandy Drive Radio Park Elementary
YMCA Easterly Parkway Elementary, Ferguson Township Elementary, Corl Street Elementary
Last Modified on October 11, 2023