• IB HL Mathematics


    State High offers the IB HL (Higher level) Applications and Interpretations course as well as the SL (standard level) course.   


    IB HL Mathematics is a two-year course that covers Precalculus, Calculus, and advanced Statistics, as well as some topics like graph theory and coupled differential equations that are outside the traditional American high school mathematics curriculum.   The course is designed for students who are strong in mathematics who may want to go into a field involving math or science.  The IB curriculum emphasizes reasoning, inquiry, technology, and mathematical modeling.  I expect my students to be active learners and to work collaboratively with me and their classmates to construct a robust understanding of the material. 


    The links on this page have more info about IB HL math in general and my class in particular.  


    General IB links

    Subject brief:  Information from IB about the course and the required papers (exams) and internal assessments (papers)

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    IB HL Analysis and Approaches at State High


    IB Math FAQ



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