• SCASD's Integrated Mental Health System

    (IMH)SCASD recognizes the importance of a team approach and how schools and families have essential roles to play in promoting children’s positive development and academic performance. We believe that when educators and parents work together as partners, they create important opportunities for children to develop social, emotional and academic competencies. In SCASD, we have an Integrated Mental Health System (IMH) of Support, both internal teams and external teams designed specifically to help navigate the mental health and wellbeing of our students. IMH teams consist of professionals who play key roles in ensuring positive mental health for all.

    SCASD INTERNAL Mental Health (IMH) Supports

    SCASD Internal IMH Staff



    Delta, RIT, Hearts, State High  

    District Wide 

    School Counselors: All of our school counselors are master’s-level school counselors who have specific training in career, academic and social-emotional development. Although school counselors are not clinical mental health care professionals, they are key in assisting in determining if students need a higher level of care at which time they will refer students to an outside therapist, and/or connect students to our Integrated Mental Health (IMH) team 

    8 FT counselors 

    6 FT Counselors

    9 FT Counselors

    1- HSV

    1- LSW

    School Psychologist: All of our school psychologists are highly trained in both psychology and education and have completed a minimum of a post-Master’s degree  or Doctoral level degree program that includes a year-long internship and emphasizes preparation in mental health, child development, school organization, learning styles and processes, behavior, motivation, and effective teaching. They collaborate with educators, parents, and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments for all students that strengthen connections between home and school.

    7 FT Psychologists

    2 FT Psychologists

    2 FT Psychologists


    MH Clinician: All of our mental health clinicians are master’s-level clinicians actively pursuing licensure. They manage the treatment of clients and help them to obtain stable physical health. The SCASD mental health clinicians remove barriers to services by providing psychotherapeutic and rehabilitation services for students with mental health problems on an 8-10 week temporary basis while the students remain on local provider waitlists seeking outside services.  

    1 FT MH Clinician 


    2 FT MH Clinician


    Social Worker/HSV: The Family Intervention Team consists of our Home School Visitor and Licensed School Social Worker. These positions work closely with students and their families in developing and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships between members of the school district and outside agencies. In addition, they provide connections to community resources in supporting a family's basic needs. Their work is focused on ensuring an optimal schooling opportunity while balancing the personal development of the student


    1- HSV

    1- LSW

    Behavior Health Team: SCASD employees, 6 Behavioral Health support staff. 4 Interventionsists that will provide restorative support and behavior intervention for students and staff and 2 Behavior Consultants who can provide interventions and support to special education populations.

    2 FT Behavior Interventionists  

    2 Behavior Interventionists


    2 FT Behavior Consultants


    SCASD EXTERNAL Mental Health (EMH) Supports




    Partial Program

    Outpatient Therapy 

    IMH: PSU Herr Clinic, Dr. Katie Kostohryz 

    Supervision oversight of MH interns (11 for 2022-23)

    PSU MH Interns

    Provide Tier II individual and small group mental health support 

    PSU Psych Clinic, Mindful Village and Dr. Mike Wolff 

    Professional development, case consultation, teacher support 

    direct services to students, group services to students

    Behavior management 

    A Journey to You

    Group services to students

    Individual MH Therapy 

    True To You and Dr. Diljot

    School team consultation and Individual MH Therapy for student of color

    Dr. Byrd 

    Student and Staff Affinity Groups 



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