• Dear Students and Families,


         Welcome to First Grade and Room 134! I am so excited about working with all of you this year, and I am busily getting ready for an awesome first day of school next Tuesday. Please know that I am grateful to welcome your children to our classroom community and am so happy to be part of the amazing Spring Creek Elementary staff! Another teacher in our classroom is Mrs. Cathy, our class paraprofessional.  

         When you come to Room 134 during Open House on Thursday, August 17th from 5:45-6:15pm and/or on the first day of school, I will help you find your cubby in the hallway, where you will keep your backpack, lunchbox, and coat. I will also help you find your desk and will have a pencil box with pencils, crayons, markers, a glue stick, and scissors all ready for you for the first day of school!  Thank you to our wonderful PTO for providing many of these supplies.  


          There are a few things you should try to remember to bring to school every day: 

    1. Please bring a water bottle. We will keep it next to our sink. We would like your water bottle to contain water only

    2.  You may also bring a snack, because we will have snack time every morning at around 9:45am. 

    3. You also need to bring your CHARGED Chromebook to school every day. This is going to be a big and important responsibility. 

    4.  Please bring a set of headphones to use with your Chromebook.   

    5.  A photo to remind you of the people who care about you while you are at school.


        There are just a few additional items we need for our classroom that are part of my "wish list." If you are able to send any one of these items to school, I would greatly appreciate it. Please only do so if you are able.  



    (1) A container of Clorox disinfecting wipes-I will definitely use them often! 

    (2) A roll of paper towels

    (3) Tissues


         Next week, we will dedicate time to getting to know each other, creating a positive classroom environment, and building trusting relationships.  My goals for our first several days include helping your children adjust to a new classroom environment, learning more about them as individuals, building friendships, and learning about our new classroom.


        Please let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy the rest of your summer break! I can’t wait to see you!! Woo-Hoo! I know we are going to have a GREAT year together!  


    All my best,

    Seabrook Jacob