• Welcome to 6th Grade Music with Mrs. Hickey!

    I’m so excited to spend the next semester with you in Music Class!  This year in music we will be focusing on the following things:

    • Singing

    • The Medieval time period

    • The Renaissance time period

    • Instruments of the orchestra

    • Performing on tonal and percussion instruments

    • Music Theory

    • Performing on the ukulele


    It is my belief that the best way to learn about music is to actually make music. Because of this, we will spend the majority of our class time creating music, as well as listening and responding to music. 


    Students will be responsible for bringing the following materials to class each day:

    • A single pocket music folder (please bring this in by the end of the first week)

      • We will store this in our classroom

    • A pencil

    • A pair of headphones that plug into your Chromebook (these will not be needed every day, but you should have them with you just in case)

    • Your CHARGED Chromebook

    • A positive attitude and willingness to try!

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at msh23@scasd.org


    I look forward to an amazing semester of music-making with you!