• Welcome to 6th Grade Choir!!

    6th Grade Choir meets during 7th period on day 2, and during Area on day 5. 

    The ensemble performs a wide range of repertoire from numerous time periods and in a variety of styles and languages.

    We are always interested in welcoming new members to the ensemble! Whether you are an experienced singer or a beginner, if you are interested in joining 6th Grade Choir, please visit me in room 126 or send me an email (msh23@scasd.org). You can join at any point in the year, so long as your schedule allows it. We would love to have you as a member of the choir! Choir is more fun with friends- so if you have a buddy that is not currently enrolled in the group encourage them to contact me!


    Please be sure that the following dates are in your family's calendar. 

    • Thurs, Dec 14 - MNMS Winter Choral Concert @ HS  – 7:00pm

    • Tues, May 14 - MNMS 6th Grade Band & Choir Concert @ MNMS - 7:00 pm

    6th Grade Choir Syllabus 

    Welcome to 6th Grade Choir! I am looking forward to another great school year and am excited to begin making music together. We will focus on a variety of topics in rehearsals this year, including:

    • Proper vocal technique.

    • Individual and group mastery of choir parts.

    • General musicianship skills (including sight singing)

    • Performance etiquette

    Materials Required:

    • A PENCIL (no pens, crayons, markers, or colored pencils)

    • Music scores (provided)

    • Water bottle (optional)


    Music Repertoire Policy/Expectations

    You will receive all of your choir repertoire from the school library or from public domain libraries. I request that you do not bring your music home with you unless you have a specific need for it (getting ready for a solo audition, working on it with a private teacher, etc.). If you have a need to take your music home please ask permission first

    Grading Policy:

    You will be graded each quarter in two areas: Class participation, and concert performances. Grades from each of these areas will be based on a point system. Weekly participation is 20 points a week while participation at the concert is 100 points. Your final grade will be calculated by adding together the total number of points received, then divided by the total number of points possible. If you are unsure of your grade or need clarification about an assignment, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Class Participation:

    Since singing is the primary focus of all rehearsals, participation is an integral part of our class. You are required to attend ALL REHEARSALS. Please notify me at least 24 hours in advance if you are going to miss rehearsal for a sporting event, doctors appointment, or other excused absence. Choir is a class for which you receive a grade, making it different than other Area electives. If you need to make up work for another class, it is your responsibility to arrange a makeup time with your teacher that does not conflict with rehearsals.

     Concert Performances:

    The primary focus of our rehearsals is to learn about and experience great music together as an ensemble and perform with a high level of artistry and understanding. To that end, all concerts are mandatory and absences will not be excused. In the event of an emergency situation, please contact Mrs. Hickey at msh23@scasd.org as soon as possible


    Class Expectations:

    1. RESPECT everyone, everything, and the music we sing!

    2. PARTICIPATE in all facets of class and singing and in ALL CONCERTS.

    3. BRING all music and pencils to every class; these are your textbooks and you cannot be a productive choral singer without them!

    4. ARRIVE to all rehearsals on time!

    5. Bathroom and Water Fountains: Please take care of your needs prior to class. You will be permitted to leave in the case of an emergency. Water bottles are permitted and encouraged in all rehearsals!