Safety Team

  • State College Area School District is dedicated to the overall safety and security of all district students and adults. In an effort to maintain a welcoming and safe climate for learning and work, the District has adopted the philosophy of the National Incident Management System and developed a plan that includes four sections identified as: 

    • Prevention/Mitigation 

    • Preparedness 

    • Response 

    • Recovery


    This plan is designed to help our schools prepare for all types of disasters, natural and human-caused. 


    The State College Area School District's Emergency Operations Management Team, Leadership Team and Emergency Operations Building Teams consider this plan a living document. New procedures for prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery become available on a regular basis. Therefore, the document is updated on an annual basis or after a significant event that impacts how school districts/schools in the commonwealth plan for the hazards that may affect our school community here at State College.


    Finally, the District believes that all district staff, students, families and communities at large have a moral and legal obligation to ensure the safety of our children in the event of a disaster and reading this plan is the first step in securing our preparedness.


    Safety Team Member Chart

Last Modified on December 11, 2023