• The Prince and Princess Cast and Crew


    Written by Hannah Bloom, Ryleigh Jones, and Ethan Warner

    Directed by: Hannah Bloom, Ryleigh Jones, and Ethan Warner
    Choreographed by: Hannah Bloom and Ryleigh Jones

    Zero to Hero Choreographers: Bri Dzyak and Audrey Shaner 

    Script Editor: Hannah Smith


    : Hannah Bloom

    Ariel: Ryleigh Jones

    Eric: Ethan Warner

    Flynn Rider: Spencer Hardyk

    Lumiere: Avery Jones

    Princess Belle: Anna Marcovitch

    Flounder: Keira Jones

    Elsa: Hannah Smith

    The Beast: Nate Roberts

    Mother Gothel: Mia High

    Olaf: Amina Mannaa

    Snow White: Kara Weitzel

    Aurora: Klara Gawlowicz

    Cinderella: Bri Dzyak

    Tiana: Corrina Green

    Tinkerbell: Audrey Shaner

    Prince Charming: Ben Ricker

    Hercules: Seth Trout 

    Meg: Mikayla Griffith




    Quinn Geuther

    Benjamin Sidore


    A Special Thank you to Julie Snyder for helping with costumes, and Nate Gillespie, and Libby Snyder for helping at rehearsals! 



Last Modified on August 23, 2023