• When Rapunzel gets an invitation to a ball, she leaves her tower to go to Lumiere and Belle's magical New Year's Ball! At the ball every year, the magical rose makes one dream come true! At the ball, she meets many new friends, including, Flynn Rider, Ariel, Elsa, Tinkerbell, and many more! But will Mother Gothel ruin the party? Come see The Prince and Princess Ball to find out!

  • The Prince and Princess Cast and Crew


    Written by Hannah Bloom, Ryleigh Jones, and Ethan Warner

    Directed by: Hannah Bloom, Ryleigh Jones, and Ethan Warner
    Choreographed by: Hannah Bloom and Ryleigh Jones

    Zero to Hero Choreographers: Bri Dzyak and Audrey Shaner 

    Script Editor: Hannah Smith


    : Hannah Bloom

    Ariel: Ryleigh Jones

    Eric: Ethan Warner

    Flynn Rider: Spencer Hardyk

    Lumiere: Avery Jones

    Princess Belle: Anna Marcovitch

    Flounder: Keira Jones

    Elsa: Hannah Smith

    The Beast: Nate Roberts

    Mother Gothel: Mia High

    Olaf: Amina Mannaa

    Snow White: Kara Weitzel

    Aurora: Klara Gawlowicz

    Cinderella: Bri Dzyak

    Tiana: Corrina Green

    Tinkerbell: Audrey Shaner

    Prince Charming: Ben Ricker

    Hercules: Seth Trout 

    Meg: Mikayla Griffith




    Quinn Geuther

    Benjamin Sidore


    A Special Thank you to Julie Snyder for helping with costumes, and Nate Gillespie, and Libby Snyder for helping at rehearsals! 



Last Modified on January 26, 2024