Middle School Track and Field Meet Schedule 2023


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    Track Meet Participation Info

    - Participation in meets is highly encouraged, but not enforced. If you have concerns about competition or are not sure what events would be best for you, talk to your coach.

    - 10-Practice Rule: Athletes must participate in at least 10 practices before they are entered in a meet. Make sure to check in at every practice to have your days counted.

    - All eligible athletes will compete in the home meets. Travel teams for away meets will be picked by coaches. The criteria are: performance at practice, health, availability. We will try to let as many athletes as possible experience the away competitions.

    - Bus transportation will be provided to and from the away meets. In addition, parents may transport their athletes to and from the meets if they like (signed transportation forms will be required).

    - Athletes are allowed to enter a maximum of 4 events per meet.





Last Modified on March 21, 2023