• SCASD Online Translator Policy

    Using online translators when completing assignments for World Language courses


    -Look up a single word in the dictionary.

    -Look up a single word online.


    -Use an online translator to write complete thoughts and sentences.

    -Use an online translator to write a paragraph or multiple paragraphs.


    -ZERO on the assignment without the possibility of resubmitting it for a replacement grade.

    -Possibility of resubmission of the assignment or an alternative assignment for a maximum of 60% of the highest grade possible.


    -Student/parent/grade-level administrator conference.

    -4 hours of detention OR one-day in-school suspension.

    -No competition or participation in extracurricular activities for one week.  Attendance/practice are permitted.


    *This is equivalent to having another student do your work and it is considered a LEVEL 3 OFFENSE under the Academic Integrity Policy which states that “submitting a paper as one’s own that has been wholly or mostly written by someone else, whether that paper has been purchased, borrowed, found, stolen, etc.”

    **The entire Academic Integrity Policy can be found at the following link: https://www.scasd.org/Page/14193