• Course Content and Techniques:

    No experience necessary! This performance-based course is largely based on the music of steel drums from Trinidad and Tobago. Once that foundation is set, we will branch out into other musical traditions of the Caribbean, Brazil, and more! The material for this course will be presented holistically using the oral tradition, so the ability to read music is not necessary. However, students will learn to read a minimal amount of different types of sheet music throughout the course. In addition to playing steel drums, students will also learn accompaniment parts on other percussion instruments. Come join as we drum up some fun with steel drums!

    This group has been selected to perform at the state-wide Pennsylvania Music Educators Association conference on April 21st! The bulk of the class will be in preparation for this performance. Since this performance is a showcase of the ensemble for the music teachers in attendance, they will perform all the same repertoire for parents at the Delta Middle Spring Concert just a few days before on April 18th. 


    Students will leave this class with basic knowledge of various world musical traditions. They will feel comfortable singing, moving, playing, improvising, and discussing aspects of the music explored in class.