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      World Languages

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      State College Area School District offers students the opportunity to study 6 different languages. 


      Beginning in middle school, students may study French, German or Spanish.  Once they enter high school, they may also choose Arabic, Chinese, and Latin.


      Why study languages?


      Besides developing the skills necessary to communicate with people of another culture and learning about the culture and history of other regions of the world, research has shown that...


      • The study of languages can aid in the development of reading and the ability to hypothesize in science. 


      • There is a correlation between language study and higher scores on the SAT and ACT tests, as well as higher academic performance in college.


      • There is a correlation between bilingualism and memory skills, problem-solving ability and improved verbal and spatial abilities.

      If you have questions regarding the World Languages program, please contact the coordinator.

      Coordinator Contact Information
      Amanda Showers
      650 Westerly Parkway
      State College, PA 16801
      Telephone:  814-272-8669
      E-mail:  aks14@scasd.org

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