• Support for my child from Ms. Simpson

    Classroom Lessons

    Ms. Simpson will visit each classroom throughout the school year to teach lessons centered around Social-Emotional Learning. Some topics are Second Step Bullying Prevention, Zone of Regulation, and career exploration.  

    Small Groups

    Ms. Simpson will work with the RPE Behavior Team to refer students to small groups as a Tier 2 intervention. These groups are usually facilitated by Ms. Simpson, School Counselor, and Dr. Rochette, School Psychologist.  Students may be referred based on parent feedback, staff/behavior team feedback, school-wide screening data, or student self-referral. 

    New Student Lunch Bunch

    To welcome new students to Radio Park Elementary School, Ms. Simpson will invite new students and some peers from their class to join the school counselor at lunch. During this lunch, students get to hear about our school, learn about the school counseling program, and see the counseling space. 

    Individual Sessions

    Ms. Simpson will work with students on short-term, skill-building sessions based on the individual needs of the student. She will work together with parents/ guardians and teachers to transfer skills learned in session to multiple settings. 




Last Modified on August 31, 2023