• PA State Thespians Conference Highlights!



    Hannah Bloom served as an STO


    Hannah Bloom was elected an STO

    Tech Challenge: 1st PLACE - Tenors Only - Luca Snyder, Al Eburne, Avery Jones, and Julie Dehnel


    Emily Stroller served as an STO

    State High Thespians Performed Alice in Concert 

    Nora Goudie became an All-Star Cast Member

    Tech Challenge: Team 3rd Place - Mary Lambert, Maeve Flanagan, Janae Hass, Keiera Jones, Ethan Warner, Luca Snyder

    Thespy Superior - Solo Musical Theatre, Out There, Olivia Biever


    Emily Stroller was Elected an STO

    Isabelle Snyder served as an STO


    Isabelle Snyder was Elected an STO

    One Act - A Tempestuous Rehearsal

    Jackie Torrez became an All-Star Cast Member

    Thespy Superior - Group Musical - Allen Farabaugh, Will Fecko, Nicholas Cole

    Thespy Superior - Duet Musical - Isabelle Snyder & Tynan Butler

    Thespy Superior - Duet Musical - Logan Glaze & Dylan Henderson

    Thespy Superior - Solo Musical - Kate Leous


    One Act - A Classic Deception

    Kylie Schultz became an All-Star Cast Member

    First Place - Knot Tying - Crystal Dahm


    State High Thespians Performed James and the Giant Peach

    Eli Yurman became an All-Star Cast Member

    Thespy Superior - Duet Musical - Brian Cunningham & Cole Harris

    Thespy Superior -Stage Management - - Lilly Sublett


    State High Thespians Performed A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    Kaitlyn Warner became an All-Star Cast Member

    Thespy Superior - Solo Musical - Kaitlyn Warner

    Tech Challenge: Second Place - Asher Atwood, Cassie Hanagan, Connor McCandless, Jon Perini

    Legging a Platform - First Place - Connor McCandless and Jon Perini

    Knot Tying - First Place - Cassie Hanagan


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