• Snack:
    Each day, we will have a snack break before our morning recess. Having a quick snack break gives our students extra brain fuel and a boost they may need to make it through the day. Please send your child in with a snack item each day. We always keep a supply of snacks in our classroom for students who may forget to bring one. Donations for snacks to maintain our supply are greatly appreciated! 

    We will have lunch each day at 11:10am. Students may bring a lunch from home, or purchase a school lunch. Each morning, students will indicate their lunch choice as a part of our morning routine. It can be super helpful to discuss the lunch choices with your child before coming to school. The monthly lunch menu can be found on SCASD's food services webpage at scasd.org/menus.

    Student payments are not accepted in person at Gray's Woods. Payments to your child's account can be made online at myschoolbucks.com. Payment procedures can be found on SCASD's Food Services webpage.