• Friday Folders:
    At the end of each week, your students will be bringing home their Friday Folders. Over the weekend, please go through your child's folder to take a look at any school communication sent home along with the amazing work they have completed that week. On the "return to school" side of the folder, you may find forms and other notices that are required to be sent back to school. Please send the folder back to school in your child's backpack on Mondays! 

    Please send your child's chromebook with them to school each day. We ask that students charge their chromebooks before coming to school, as we have limited chargers available. 

    Water Bottles:
    I encourage all students to bring a refillable water bottle to school each day. Staying hydrated is super important! We have multiple fill stations available in our school, and students may drink from their water bottles as needed throughout the day! 


    Birthdays are a special part of Kindergarten! We love to celebrate each child on their birthday in a variety of ways. If you would like to send a small birthday treat to school for your child's birthday, you may. Please reach out to Mr. O'Keeffe before your child's birthday, so we can plan a date on or near your child's birthday to celebrate! Sending in a treat is optional! We will continue to celebrate your child on their birthday, with or without treats! 

    If your child has a summer birthday, just like Mr. O'Keeffe, we will make sure to celebrate all summer birthday at the end of the year for a fun "Summer Birthday Celebration!" 

    Birthday Invitation Reminder: We understand that students may want to invite their classmates to their birthday party. We ask that families please refrain from sending birthday invitations to school, unless the whole class is invited. We understand it is not always feasible to invite all 21 students, however we want to ensure classmates do not have hurt feelings when someone is left out. Thank you for your understanding!